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What can we offer?

At Pawsitively Trained Pet services we do not just offer training.  We provide the highest quality of services for you and your best friend! If what you are wanting is not listed below just send us a message or a call and we can help organise what you need.

Training and Behaviour
Do you have a dog who is lacking some manners or just badly behaved? Well, we offer two types of training services to suit you and your dog.  If its a training issue you are needing help with such as: Lead work, sit, down, recall and others similar a 1-2-1 training lesson will be best suited.  
We also offer dog training classes for dogs which want to work in a group setting. 
For dogs with more serious issues such as: Aggression, chasing of livestock, no self control, a behaviour training plan will be the best option.  I will come to your house and find the root cause of your dogs issues and address it there and then.  I will then show you the techniques needed to remove the unwanted behaviour, followed by a written up plan to help continue your good work.
I also offer Gundog training for those wanting something a little different.
Prices can be found on the price page
House sitting
Are you planning a trip abroad or maybe you are away somewhere for a night or two.  At Pawsitively Trained Pets we offer a house sitting option.  Not only dogs need house sat, a cat and small animal service is avaliable.
Kennels can be a very stressful time for some dogs, so why put them through going into a area which they do not know.  Also they are pretty over priced for the service you recieve.  Often they range between £12-£17 a night and the dogs get a 20 minute walk once a day (I've worked at kennels so know the routine).  With our pet sitting service we keep the dogs at the location they know.  They are walked twice a day and often socalised with our dogs daily.  Did I mention we are full insured!
Prices can be found on the price page

Full insured and qualified Animal behaviourist and trainer.  Only positive training used which your dog will love!

Dog Walking

At Pawsitively Trained Pet Services we just love a dog walk! We collect the dog from your home and walk it from an hour to how ever long you want!  During this time you can pick to have your dog walked with others or on its own.  If your dog pulls like a train on walks why not get a walking training session.  This will last 1 hour and during this time your dog is both trained and walked!  This will equal a very tired dog!


Prices can be found on the price page

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