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About us

Pawsitively Trained Pet Services was started in late 2014 by Aimee Slack.  It aim is to provide owners with a high quality of pet sevices which are needed within the Rotherham and surrounding villages.


Aimee finished university in 2011 doing a degree in Animal Behaviour and Training and also a foundation degree in Animal Management and Behaviour.  It was from there she made a decision to go down the canine route as that was where her main passion lay.  During univeristy and for several years after Aimee worked alongside various dog trainers gaining more hands on experience alongside her qualifiation.  This helped introduce her to different training styles and also seeing how behaviour problems are dealt with.


In 2012 She began her own training classes alongside a fellow university friend in Berwick Upon Tweed, since then there has been no going back.  In December 2014 Aimee decided to move back to the Rotherham area and provide a service she felt that Rotherham was lacking.  Since then its been all go.  


She deals with a varitey of behaviour issues from aggression to toileting issues, and runs successful training lessons.  Aimee also enjoys being out and about in the countryside so provides dog walks for those who require it.


If you have any questions about anything you have read, just pop us a message and we will reply as soon as possible.

"I'm shocked that i can now walk my Jack Russell past other dogs with no reaction.  Thats just after one lesson."

Alison with Bobby


“Max pulled and would often have me over.  After a training lesson with Aimee he started to listen to me.  The lead work was easy to pick up, so happy with how he is coming along"​

Richard with Max


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