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Classes for you and your dog


We offer a range of classes to suit your dogs level.  From puppy classes, beginner adult, advance adult even clicker training workshops.

Puppy classes


These classes are suitable for dogs up to 12 months with no behaviour issues such as aggression.  In these classes we work on self control and focus.  Often these are the problems that owners suffer with such as recall, pulling on the lead, stays, leaves and basic obdeience.


As well as the above we focus each week on a particular problem you may encounter as a dog owner.  Jumping up, puppy biting, over exciteness plus many more.


At the end of the course you will recieve a certificate of attendence and a doggy treat for all their hard work.

Adult classes


By now you are probably wanting to come to class as your dog may have picked up a few bad habits.  Like with the puppies we work on self control and focus on their owner.  Its more advanced than the puppy class as your dog has a longer attention span than its younger self.


We go back to basics and address what caused the issues and how to get them on the right track again.  Most of the adult dogs we meet appear to just be lacking basic manners which we aim to correct.


At the end of the course you will recieve a certificate of attendence and a doggy treat for your little friend.

Quick fire class


Maybe you own a young dog but do not quite have the time to be committed to a 5 week training block.  With the quick fire class we show you all the skills you need to get your dog perfect.


The quick fire class is either split over 2 days or can be carried out in 1 day.  If done over the two days it will be a hour and 30 minutes per class.  For those wanting to do it in one session its going to range between 2 hours and 2 and a half hours.


We will address lead work, focus, self control, recall, obedience, leave and stay.


No more than 5 dogs in a class and costs £25 for one day or £30 over two days.

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