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Roejack Gundogs


Thinking of doing something a little different? Why not try our fun Gundog classes.  It is a relaxed environment where your dog can do something which comes natural to it.  Its often not only about training but lets your dog learn excellent self control.

What happens in Gundog class?


At the gundog class we help shape your dogs natural instincts.  Breeds other than gundogs can turn up and learn some nice sharp self control and focus techniques.  


We always start the lesson getting your dogs attention on their handler and each week is varied in what we teach.  Unlike the other classes i hold this is not a course, it is held every Wednesday at 6.15pm and you can come and go as you please.


In our class it has like minded dog lovers who bounce ideas together to find what works best at getting your dog motivated.  All i ask is that your dog has attended the beginner class i hold or has their basic training.

What we teach at Gundog?

The main behaviours we teach are self control and focus with obedience thrown in.  Below is a list of things which are covered through our class:

Heel work





Whistle work






Correct handling

Sit, down and stand

Price? Time? Location? Booking in?


At the gun dog class it is just £5 a lesson which last 45 minutes.  Class can sometimes go longer but the lessons are very mentally draining on your dog.  


Classes start at 6.15 on a Wednesday in Maltby.  The are held in a Fully enclosed field which is the size of a football field so plenty of running space.  


If you have decided you want to attend a class just give me a call on 07513722808 or pop me a message through facebook or this website and we will get you ready for your first lesson.

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